50 Words About a Parrot

"Keep trying! You'll get it," Cass said encouragingly. "I've been at this for three weeks," Frank answered, "Frustration is mounting." "Have you tried a different phrase? Something shorter maybe?" Cass asked. "I want the parrot to say, 'Fire ant burritos for all' and nothing else!" Frank knew what he wanted. "Squak! Squak!" Tanner teased the … Continue reading 50 Words About a Parrot


Short Stories from the Forest

On a beach beside a lake in a forest in the mountains sat a bear. The bear, Marcellus to his friends, snored softly. "Bear," whispered a rabbit.  "Bear are you awake?" There was no response. The rabbit smiled and pulled out a Sharpie. "Our time to shine, folks! Get him!" Snail climbed a piece a … Continue reading Short Stories from the Forest