Thoughts on a Post

"Have we committed a crime?" Left asked of Right. "What do you mean?" Right asked. "Well, when two or more of us come together we are a murder. Have we committed murder without harming anyone?" Left pondered. "I thought we were ravens?" Right asked. Left could not answer. The questions he was confronting now were … Continue reading Thoughts on a Post


"Welcome back to our telethon. Let's check in with our folks on the phones!" Sunnie said. "How are things going, Jon?" Sunnie asked a phone banker. "Well, the phones are ringing. They sure are," Jon answered. "Sunnie, I don't think these things work," Jon whispered. "The phone company was supposed to fix that. Press 8# … Continue reading Telethon

Quint’s Silent Steps

"My phone is still in there,"  Quint said, horrified. Gwen stared, mimicking the new father's face, "You. Did. Not." "I can save this.  In and out." Quint was pretty sure of his ability to remain silent. Gwen's confidence in him was low, but that was attributable to lack of sleep and caffeine.  "You move like a … Continue reading Quint’s Silent Steps

The Return Counter

"Hi, I'd like to return this. I have the receipt" the customer said, setting a pair of jeans on the counter and pulling a receipt from her pocket. "To where dare I ask?" Stacy, manager of the returns counter asked. "Where shall these return? Were they born of sulfur as demons? Do they originate from … Continue reading The Return Counter

Pillow Talk

Night had fallen. Eyes grew weary. Sleep called them. The couple had discussed their days over dinner, made weekend plans as cheesy sci-fi movies played in the background, and chatted about the current state of affairs over beers.  They had talked the night away and when it came time to turn in they had run … Continue reading Pillow Talk

Maxwell’s Madness

"It has to end!" Maxwell shouted. He jumped from the couch with a shot. Everyone else in the room knew what was about to happen, knew the cause of Maxwell's madness. They all exchanged a glance and agreed without words they would just let him work things through. The regretted that for a moment. Maxwell … Continue reading Maxwell’s Madness

Strategy Meeting

"Team, it is brainstorming time." team lead Wilkins said to kick off the meeting. "I'm thinking of thunder," Jenkins, accounting lead, blurted out. "Not exactly what we're going for, Jenkins," Wilkins said, "what we need is-" "Fog," said Orson, IT lead, continued where Jenkins left off. "It is a figurative storm, folks." Wilkins was losing … Continue reading Strategy Meeting