A Kingdom Of Iron and Chipped Paint

The ruler surveyed her land.  Toil, hardship, bloodshed; all part of her glorious rise to the throne.  Songs were sung, stories were told, poems were...slammed? The ruler would decide the proper verb later.  It was her land now, her people. There remained only one threat to the throne now.  One shiny and all too clean … Continue reading A Kingdom Of Iron and Chipped Paint


The Drop (A 100 Word Tale of Intrigue)

Only one thing was certain; cover was blown. Agent Higgins scrambled to gather what little could fit in his backpack before sprinting for a dead drop just a few block away.  He could only hope the bag of supplies and a new identity was still there. Every corner was met with suspicion, he looked over … Continue reading The Drop (A 100 Word Tale of Intrigue)

Phone Calls with Granny

A recent phone call with my mom: Phone rings. I answer. Me: Hey, Mom. Mom: Hi! Me: Let me get a few feet away from the children so I can hear you. Mom: OK! Children: Where you going, dad? Me: Talking to Granny. You guys want to say hi? Children, in unison: *Loudly detail everything … Continue reading Phone Calls with Granny

From the Archives: Fleeting Moments (in 100 Words)

I'm with my wife and kids on a road trip currently.  Kids cooped up, no where to go and only each other for for company that actually matters to them.  I'm hoping things go well.  This is a scheduled post, so hope and reality may be at odds right now. Those times when the kids … Continue reading From the Archives: Fleeting Moments (in 100 Words)

Candles to Change Reality

  "Our special candles promise to change your very reality," the shop clerk explained. Teri gave him a doubtful look, "change my reality?" "Oh yes. Here. Pick a color," the clerk prompted. "Hunter green." "Consider it done. Take your mind to a clear place. Focus only on the sound of my voice and this very … Continue reading Candles to Change Reality

Cleaning the Wall

"It was such a nice wall," lamented shop owner Myka Clifton.  She was busy scrubbing spray paint from the south wall. "The paint's coming off just fine," Arthur Dents, owner of the store next door, reassured his friend. "I just wish I knew what it meant," Myka wondered. "Does 'Willy Wonka Was Wrong' really need … Continue reading Cleaning the Wall

Tickets Optional

"This concert is going to be awesome!" Matt said. "Concert!" The roomies echoed.  Their first major group event since moving in together was about to kick off in style. "How are the shirts coming, Myk?" Matt asked. Myk lifted an iron off a freshly pressed shirt. "Looking good. Should have all of them done in … Continue reading Tickets Optional