Candles to Change Reality


“Our special candles promise to change your very reality,” the shop clerk explained.

Teri gave him a doubtful look, “change my reality?”

“Oh yes. Here. Pick a color,” the clerk prompted.

“Hunter green.”

“Consider it done. Take your mind to a clear place. Focus only on the sound of my voice and this very fine long neck lighter I am placing into your hand,” the clerk was confident, if a little ‘carnival side show.’  “Now, light your candle.

Teri flicked the lighter and ignited the wick.

“And boom!” The clerk said, “Now you own a candle! Your reality is changed.”



Cleaning the Wall

“It was such a nice wall,” lamented shop owner Myka Clifton.  She was busy scrubbing spray paint from the south wall.

“The paint’s coming off just fine,” Arthur Dents, owner of the store next door, reassured his friend.

“I just wish I knew what it meant,” Myka wondered.

“Does ‘Willy Wonka Was Wrong’ really need to mean anything?” Arthur questioned.

“I suppose not. But that makes it just really, really weird,” Myka answered.

“That’s life isn’t it? Really weird and full of chocolate.” Arthur continued his scrubbing.

“It is a good point though. Wonka was messed up,” Myka pointed out.



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Tickets Optional

“This concert is going to be awesome!” Matt said.

“Concert!” The roomies echoed.  Their first major group event since moving in together was about to kick off in style.

“How are the shirts coming, Myk?” Matt asked.

Myk lifted an iron off a freshly pressed shirt. “Looking good. Should have all of them done in a moment.”

“Nice,” Maurice said.  He looked over his shirt.  “Who needs tickets when you have iron-on patches reading ‘Staff’?”

“Free concert!” The roomies shouted in unison.

“Do you guys really think this is going to work?” Matt questioned.

“Confidence!” The others chanted. “Confidence! Confidence!”

In the Weeds

“You know we live our lives according to other people’s schedules?  Boss. Neighbor. In-laws. Cars in traffic.  There’s no control.  No freedom.  That sound out there? That’s just using what little time we have available to meet the demands of someone else.  Demands that that other person has no idea they are making, but society dictates we match this pretty little suburban ideal of what we show each other,” Calder said from his recliner.

“You have to mow, Cal.” Camilla said.

“Only if I can put the anarchy symbol in the grass.”

“So long as it’s short and mosquito free.”

From the Archives: The Best Life of a Dragonfly

Family road trip time.  Long weekend, plenty of fun and road food! It’ll be great. And messy.

To kick off the weekend we’re going with a throw back 100 word story.

Have a great weekend!


Today, I inherit my birthright.  By name I am dragon, by spirit I am dragon, by body I am mere…bug. No more! I have found the flame and the fire is mine.  Beware wasp nests and mosquito hives! I shall burn your village and feast on your dead.  Knights will sing ballads of my legend.  Children will seek shelter at the mere mention of my name.

Today, I become dragon.  Fear my power!

Approach, lowly mortal, and know my wrath.  Wait, no! Not so close!  Flame protect me!


Bamboozled! Tricks have fooled me.  Take flight, flee! Danger nears.

Bob and the Fallen Tree


“You have a problem, Bob.” Brad said.

The damage was extensive.  Bob covered his eyes with his hands in shame.  Brad and Betty reviewed the scene wondering what could be salvaged.

“I lost control,” Bob wept.

“Like you lost control after Baxter’s birthday bash? Or Barry’s barbecue?  I need you to schedule a meeting with Doctor Baldwin in the morning.  You keep doing this, we’re going to run out of trees.” Betty warned.

“We’re beavers! Beavers! We have to chomp trees! It’s in our blood!” Bob shouted.

“You’re chewing a tree right now, Bob. Stop it.” Brad was losing patience.

Willa’s Impact

Willa Wallace was wildly intelligent.  Her days were spent making businesses better, helping clients save the world and generally leading her best life.  Her parents were proud of her.  Her friends were proud of her.  Her colleagues were proud of her.  She was proud of the hard work put into making this her life.

Every where Willa went, she had an instant and remarkable impact. At the moment, her impact on the area was not exactly positive.

“There’s no unexpected object in the bagging area you lousy machine!” Willa yelled as she attempted, for the final time, grocery self check-out.