Bob and the Fallen Tree


“You have a problem, Bob.” Brad said.

The damage was extensive.  Bob covered his eyes with his hands in shame.  Brad and Betty reviewed the scene wondering what could be salvaged.

“I lost control,” Bob wept.

“Like you lost control after Baxter’s birthday bash? Or Barry’s barbecue?  I need you to schedule a meeting with Doctor Baldwin in the morning.  You keep doing this, we’re going to run out of trees.” Betty warned.

“We’re beavers! Beavers! We have to chomp trees! It’s in our blood!” Bob shouted.

“You’re chewing a tree right now, Bob. Stop it.” Brad was losing patience.

Willa’s Impact

Willa Wallace was wildly intelligent.  Her days were spent making businesses better, helping clients save the world and generally leading her best life.  Her parents were proud of her.  Her friends were proud of her.  Her colleagues were proud of her.  She was proud of the hard work put into making this her life.

Every where Willa went, she had an instant and remarkable impact. At the moment, her impact on the area was not exactly positive.

“There’s no unexpected object in the bagging area you lousy machine!” Willa yelled as she attempted, for the final time, grocery self check-out.

Jenkins Gets the Joke

“Knock knock.”  Old Man McClure said from behind his drink.

The joke portion of the dinner had begun.  Jenkins was displeased.

“Who’s there, sir?” Jenkins asked.  When Old Man McClure had had two or more drinks, the knock knock jokes began to make less sense.

“A livid duck.”

Jenkins had not heard this one before.  Perhaps his boss had learned a new one.

“A livid duck who?” Jenkins followed format.

“A livid duck who can’t open a door.”  Old Man McClure erupted in laughter.

“We have to finish these contracts before market open, sir.” Jenkins tried to refocus the night.


Marshall’s Change of Course

“Alrighty, change of plans, kiddos.  We’re playing inside!” Marshall informed his now quite disappointed children.

“Dad! Come on!” The two siblings pleaded in creepy unison.

“Now, now. It’ll be fun.  We can play board games, color, not be eaten by giant menacing birds, and eat junk food!” Marshall said.

“What was that third thing?” Louisa, the oldest asked.

“Coloring books!” Marshall replied, knowing full well he had slipped.

“I don’t think that was i-” Louisa began.

“No, no. It was. Really. Let’s just get away from the door, okay?” Marshall shooed the children away, keeping one eye on the bird.

Maria at the Town of Cliffside

“I see the flaw right there,” Maria said.  She had been contracted by the town of Cliffside to fix a problem with their new park.

“Oh you are good! What do you see already?” Malcolm, Cliffside’s resident park designer, asked.  He was eager to fix the problem that had sat beyond description for some weeks now.

“Well, Cliffside is quite an apt name, eh?” Maria asked.

“We are an honest town, ma’am.” Malcolm replied.

“Maybe the hopscotch court and the dog run should not end right at the edge,” Maria saved the day.

“You’re a genius!” Malcolm went to work.



Logan’s Eye for Detail

“Cannonball!” the diver shouted, running straight for the pool.

Time slowed for by-stander, Logan Hollaway.  He watched the runner’s every step, seeing skin and muscle roll and ripple up and down like waves against rock.  Logan had an eye for detail and absolutely hated it.  There are lots of gross details to observe.  Like the spit flopping out of the runner’s mouth with each subsequent ‘b’ sound; that was pretty gross.

Logan did notice one detail that the runner seemed unaware of.  Logan stood up and placed himself between the runner and the pool.

“Pool’s empty, ” Logan informed the runner.

A Warning Ignored

“There’s something terrifying down in that canyon. My last venture resulted in the loss of three explorers.  A creature, born of fire and greed, based on how quickly it moved and devoured all it touched, lurks.  Waits. Watches.  I saw Predator and thought it was a comedy.  No longer shall I laugh, for I have seen the devil and it comes for more.  Do not travel into the mouth of the beast.  You will not return!”

“That is one talkative donkey, Janet,” the tourist said.

“He’s always been quite social.  You ready for your adventure?!” Janet readied the next tour.