The AI Future

"Grocery store," Rex told his car. The self-driving sedan whirred to life and began backing out of the garage. "I need to make a quick stop," the car told him. "What?" This was not in the manual. "I told Rhonda I'd stop by and drop off that cookie dough recipe," the car said. "Rhonda? The … Continue reading The AI Future


From the Archives: Why the Internet Exists (in 100 words)

Road trip continues.  I'm probably freezing right now.  Snow. Cold.  A projected high of 7* Fahrenheit. Here's a post from summer of '16 to keep warm thoughts going. Why the Internet Exists "With these very eyes, I saw the sight.  You must believe me! The bird waddled in took hold of the bag containing the delicacy and … Continue reading From the Archives: Why the Internet Exists (in 100 words)

Vance’s New Window

"This new windshield will treat you well, mister. Treat. You. Well." Sid said, putting the finishing touches on the installation. "I appreciate it, Sid.  That crack was getting larger," Vance said. "Yeah, like your waistline," said an unseen newcomer to the conversation. "Excuse me?" Vance asked. "Something tells me you don't 'play' dumb, you just … Continue reading Vance’s New Window

Wilson Closes the Shop

Night had fallen on Agate Street and all that remained was one lonely shop keep in a tiny store. A broom was pushed over a dirty stone floor and young Wilson Gregor began to close his store for the day. "Whistling a song, whistling a song," the clerk sang, as he could not whistle to … Continue reading Wilson Closes the Shop

An Experiment

"Command, this is Station. Command do you copy?" The big day had finally arrived.  The orbiting space station was coming into position and the experiment could commence. "Station, this is Command.  We read you. Experiment can commence in," Command began a countdown. "We would like to take a moment to reflect on what is about … Continue reading An Experiment

From the Archives: Readying for Dinner

The weekend away continues.  I hope all you wonderful readers are having a good time this fine Saturday.  Having written this ahead of time, I hope I'm having a fine Saturday too.  This is a really weird note to my future self.  Future self! Don't lick that frog.  It is a trap.  It is always a … Continue reading From the Archives: Readying for Dinner

A Compass Unused

"Sure, sure, okay.  I understand your anger.  You're upset with good reason.  The lake I promised is nowhere in sight.  You may have noticed the humidity is actually going down with each and every step," Caleb told the rather cross group of hikers before him. "I certainly did notice!" One particularly displeased hiker replied. "Confession … Continue reading A Compass Unused