Detective DePorte Cracks the Case

"Remarkable! How did you crack the case, detective?"  The awestruck captain of the guard asked. The detective loved this part. This was the moment everyone would celebrate her genius; the moment victory became real. She stepped to the center of the room, surrounded by former suspects, investigators, and the now captured criminal and explained the … Continue reading Detective DePorte Cracks the Case

The Eighth Wonder

"Behold!" The short man in the red suit shouted to the audience.  "The eighth wonder of the world!" The audience, while not appreciative of being yelled at by a strange man who took the stage without so much as an introduction, clapped and cheered. Showtime. The enormous curtain keeping the secret safe was pulled with … Continue reading The Eighth Wonder

Half the Conversation

Howdy hi folks, welcome to episode 322 of The Happy Stream Meanders. A podcast that kinda moves where it will.  I'm your host Boots. Joining me in the studio today is Willamet Franks, creator of the once popular, now banned board game "Bear Trap". So, Willamet, let's talk about Bear Trap. Can you tell us … Continue reading Half the Conversation

Resolutions in the Lunch Room

As we approach the end of the year, people are starting to review how successful they were on achieving their New Year's Resolutions. Let's see how successful a few people in the company lunch room did. Name: Tony from Marketing Resolution: Absolutely crush a 5K Result: Discovered White Claw instead. Name: Angela from Accounting Resolution: … Continue reading Resolutions in the Lunch Room

At the Farmer’s Market

Saturday mornings from eight to noon the city's old train yard pulsed with life. Gone were the travelers, engineers, and ticket takers. The train yard was full of shoppers, vendors, and farmers. Saturday mornings belonged to the Farmer's Market now and that meant Stu had weekend plans. "Why did you drag me out here?" Dex … Continue reading At the Farmer’s Market

Landlubbers Not Wanted

The sea was unkind. The winds were unruly. The sun was high. It was a bad day to be a pirate. "Captain, the day is not with us. Perhaps we should return to port?" Suggested the first mate. "Argh, you kidding me?" The captain answered. The first mate sighed. "Sir, we need to get to … Continue reading Landlubbers Not Wanted


"You want to be a lion tamer? Is that still a job? Is that ethical at all?" Dea asked. Aaron sighed as he scrolled through Glassdoor. "Have any of my previous jobs been ethical under examination? The bank? The publisher? The summer with the Anti-Peace Corp?" "You were IT for an MMA start-up," Dea reminded … Continue reading Skillset