Revisiting the Junkyard Monster

Wednesdays at Chateau Cowling mean game night.  We break out Pathfinder or co-op games (friggin' Pandemic I tell you) and have a fun ol time with family and friends until close to midnight some weeks.  There was a time when midnight did not feel like a next day death sentence, but midnight is a killer … Continue reading Revisiting the Junkyard Monster

My New Series Now on Jukepop!

Jukepop Serials is the site that got me started on this whole internet writing thing.  Wren, the all too long and poorly planned superhero serial, was my first web based serial and the experience was wildly fun.  The book was 'meh', but...meh.  If/when I get back to it, I'll edit it down and use words … Continue reading My New Series Now on Jukepop!

Steampunk Origin Stories of Common Activities Volume 1: Ants

"Dr. Naik," shouted little Wendy Tanah, a hyper-inquisitive child who had a knack for showing up in places she wished had not ventured. "Curious one, Ms. Tanah," Dr. Naik called down from his ever higher hot-air balloon.  "What can I aide you with this day?"  The doctor enjoyed the children of his quaint village and … Continue reading Steampunk Origin Stories of Common Activities Volume 1: Ants

Steampunk Airship Name Generator BY BUTTON!

I'm learning to code! For work. The work stuff is not much fun.  I put together a 'problem generator' to help people quickly evaluate issues that might come up.  It'll be interesting.  But that's not the point of this. The point is learning things is always better if you can do something fun with it … Continue reading Steampunk Airship Name Generator BY BUTTON!

Eiffel’s Towers (Again)

I have been completely unable to shake a cold/flu/general bleh type thing for what feels like a hundred years, but has actually only been a week.  Makes new content creation a challenge.  I've gone to type a few times these last few days and found myself just staring at the screen, enjoying the warmth. As … Continue reading Eiffel’s Towers (Again)

Steampunk Villain Generator

What sort of nefarious foe walks the streets of your hero's realm?  Is it the frightful Wizard Blackbeard, stepping away from their library with their mysterious briefcase surrounded by their lackeys?  Perhaps, after checking her skull faced pocket watch, Friar Tew and her acolytes have slipped out of their ritual circle in the woods and … Continue reading Steampunk Villain Generator

The Estate Grounds and Other Beasts

"Hey, check out my new joke," Griffin said.  He did wait for Talon's reply.  "What did the train engineer say when Electricity asked him how long it would take to move through the tunnel?  'Don't ask me, I'm not a conductor.'" Talon continued on her path without response. "Oh, come on now, that was funny," … Continue reading The Estate Grounds and Other Beasts