Fate Character Generator

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Sometimes coming up with FATE Core character is a challenge.  We’ll have our character creation episode uploaded next week as we move to a new story arch and this episode will help elaborate on the challenge of making a character the player wants to play.

Getting started is the hard part.  That’s where this FATE Core character generator comes in handy!

Click here for the Fate Core Character Generator you didn’t know you needed:


Character types you may run into include:

My character has a high concept of Ravenous Appetite for Destruction
With aspects
Artist soul
Can never sing the right words.
I will soon know my fate.

Or maybe:

My character has a high concept of Wandering Hero
With aspects
Kraken battler
Bartenders Love Them.
I will soon know my fate.

Or even:

My character has a high concept of Intrepid Reporter
With aspects
Seeker of Justice
slow learner.
I will soon know my fate.

I adore javascript ‘Generator’ scripts (you might enjoy a Steampunk Airship Name Generator as well)

This generator is also super helpful in putting together NPCs!

Best part, this is a Thimble project so you can get in there and remix, update, change, correct spelling all you want to!  Everyone can play! Yippee!

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Cursed By Dice Episode Three Now Up

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Episode three is live!  This is the first episode to come out after our initial launch and it is a good one.  Shadow River’s zombie plague is still a problem.  Billie Ron Hubbard is still annoying.  Everyone still ignores their fate points.  It’s business as usual here on Cursed By Dice.

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Myth Battles 

The firstborn is really, really into Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  Thank goodness, because that is one very good series of books, and the little human’s interest in history (godly or not) is picking up.  Win win situation.

As this is the current “it” item in our home, we’re pretty inundated with Percy Jackson.  Play time is dedicated to Olympian sword fights, taking down Ares and trying to find Pan.  Drive time does not escape the story either as we’re making our way through the series in audio book form.

The audio books are amazingly well done.  The narrator keeps the pace going, gives each character (a whole pantheon it seems) their own voice and acts out scenes with incredible skill.  The firstborn loves it.  He’s completely enamored with listening to the book read by someone who isn’t me trying to stay awake and fumbling over words.

The toddler though.  Oh golly the toddler.  The youngest is not exactly a “sit and listen” type.  From time to time (read: every drive) he just yammers, shouts, and generally makes noise for the sole purpose of impeding his older brother’s story intake.  When this happens, the story is paused until the toddler calms down and we can listen again.

Sometimes it takes a whole drive for the toddler to allow the story to play out.  This is wildly upsetting to the firstborn and we parents hear, “can we play the story now?” over and over again in increasingly impatient tones.

This was a problem.  I like solving problems.  So, for those moments in the car that we can’t listen to the hijinx of one Perseus Jackson, the firstborn can now play the part.
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The Wobbly Folding Gaming Table

My oldest is finally, finally at an age where board games are a real option for play.  This Christmas “Santa” gave him the wonderfully addictive and simple game Battle Sheep.  When the box was opened, the game was played for a solid two hours straight.  With each round taking just a few minutes, we played a whole bunch of Battle Sheep that day.

And the next day.

And the day after that.

Part of the game relies on tile placement and by golly do tiles shift around a lot when a five year old is bumping the table and excitedly flailing his elbows about.  The solution…

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Sky Dungeon: A Steampunk Airship Dungeon Crawler

Sometimes my wife wonders how I spend my time.  I often respond, “poorly”.

For your amusement, here is Sky Dungeon a Steampunk Dungeon Crawler.  Click here for the pdf rules and print stuff.

Here’s the intro text:

Welcome, Captain! You have responded to our plea in the nick of time.  Our land is under constant threat from Sky Pirates who feel they are above the law (as well as the hills).  Our towns will not last much longer if those bandits and allowed to soar.  You’re here to stop that though, right?  Of course you are.  I see you have a mighty fine airship out there.  That’ll do nice.  Thank you, Captain.  Get up there and knock out some bandits. Continue reading

Steampunk Weekend DIY

With schools getting back into session this time of year I cannot help but think of homework.  Sitting up the night before a project is due, frantically writing an essay at two in the morning, helping X solve its own problems; you likely remember homework.  It sucked.  Still sucks.

This week’s list is dedicated to making the homework process better in the best way possible; avoiding it!  I hold a master’s degree, or as I like to call it; proof I did 18 years of homework.  I wish I had some of these things to help through the boring bits.  I mean…do your homework kids, it really does matter.

Projects this week include a DIY Guess Who, backgammon, serving trays and Hnefetafl.  G.esundheit. Continue reading

A Table Game for the Four Year Old

In the grand search for something to keep the oldest entertained, we built a board game today. 

The goal was simple; fun, solo if needed, and quick. The result was a disc flicking game of taking the player token and smashing it into opposing disc to send them off the board. 

We themed it with beloved superheroes saving the city from an army of bad guys. It was really fun. Continue reading