Street Signs

My name is Ben. I make the street signs you see around town. Most of them anyway. Been in the field for coming on 15 years and let me tell you there has never been a better time to be in this industry. We have greatly increased our speed to market capability while reducing costs dramatically which essentially means signs are close to free and if we make a mistake we can correct it really quickly.

As an added bonus, most markets are now seeking a wider variety of signage to boost engagement from locals. Sure we still make the standard stop, yield, and falling rock signs, but there’s such variety now!

Just the other day a town asked for a “Yeti Crossing” sign. Do they need it? Nope. Yeti live in cold mountainous areas and this town was in Arizona. Isn’t that silly?!

Right now I’m putting together a roundabout sign that is supposed to help drivers navigate around a traffic control device that has a big ol’ statute of the evil god of the under realms, H’zabutad. The roundabout goes in a circle that collapses in on itself, pulling the souls of the unfortunate into a nightmare dimension. The town credits H’zabutad with keeping it from flying into the moon, so they feel okay with a rift in space-time being at the center of this roundabout. 

I also got to make a cute sign featuring a puppy! It was adorable and did not make me wonder if the wall between this realm and another is weakening at every moment of every day. It made me think of spending time with family.

The street sign business may not sound like a no-holds-barred thrill ride, but I assure you that this level of innovation and diverse market share is unparalleled by any industry. 

Some come on over to Ben’s Signs and learn how you can make an impact in the world you inhabit before H’zabutad rips it into another dimension.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Episode 25 of We Have a Situation Here just landed and it is without a doubt my favorite so far. The podcast is a short story show improvised by four players trying to make a sensible tale before Zoom cuts us off. Find it at We are 25 episodes in and having a blast! Come along for a fun time.

Next up, the Senate is so close to falling within control of the Democrats. We can all help with the run-offs by visiting The New Georgia Project at to help them register and mobilize voters within the state.

Finally, abolish ICE.

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