The Bank Lobby

DJ was certain he had heard that voice before. He racked his brain searching for the connection. The memory was old, fading. That was the key.

“Is that Bryan? Bryan Winthwimple? Class of ’03?” DJ shouted across the bank lobby. The marble floors and high ceilings, combined with the pin-drop silence of the patrons caused an echo that lasted a tense few seconds too long.

“You!” the bank robber shouted back. “Silence! It was one command.”

DJ smirked. “That’s totally you. You look exactly the same as you did in high school! Even through the ski mask. How’ve you been?”

The bank robber fought an ever increasing rage. “It would be really cool of you to just shush,” the robber said.

“Remember homecoming senior year?” DJ asked. “When you and Janice got kicked out for making a scene? That was hilarious!”

“Quiet D- I mean… guy! Be quiet, guy!” The other bank robber shouted.

“Oh no! What?!” DJ said as he recognized the other voice. “Janice! That’s amazing. We were all really pulling for you in high school. That’s so great. How are you two doing? It’s been so long! We should catch up after this whole hostage situation thing.”

“DJ you are still insufferable, you know that?” Bryan asked.

“I knew it,” DJ said with a snap and a smile.

“Good to see you, Deej!” Janice called over. “We have to go now, B!”

“Good to see you too! You two crazy kids take care. And don’t get busted!” DJ laughed as the two ran off with their loot.

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