Review: The Process of Getting Ice Cream at a Cutesy Little Artisan Shop in a Small Town

Pros: All the charm in the world existed within the ice cream shop. The front parlor was maybe 20 feet wide and 6 feet deep with tables to the south side in a 10×10 area. The tables were full of children excitedly eating scoops of Cherry Hills Cherry-bonanza ice cream. The shop’s counter presented 12 varieties of available ice cream ranging from the aforementioned Cherry-bonanza to vanilla, chocolate to coffee caramel crunch. Plenty of fun and exciting options as well as classics to keep everyone in the party happy.

Walking in, the patron is brought back to a time long ago full of small towns that had to bicycle in health care providers and hope that malaria did not wipe out those of working age for another year at least. Bright red bricks told the tale of a town that once saw an exile of a young couple because they enjoyed rock-and-roll music. What a time that was indeed.

The smell of roses fills the air, so be sure to bring some Claritin along.

Cons: The children eating ice cream stopped in unison to stare at me as I walked to counter. The mumbled “stranger” dozens of times and did not blink for a solid three minutes. When I paid for my order they returned to their typical behavior.

Also, the Square reader was out of order. So that was odd.


Highlights: Try the Vanilla Swirl cone. You won’t be let down.


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