Must Haves – Road Trip Games

The road trip. Once a cherished tradition is now mostly a carbon creating guilt trip full of poor LTE coverage and plenty of downloaded movies. However, when you have to be somewhere and you don’t have to fly, hopping into a car and hitting the highway is pretty nice.

I remember games of slugbug and “out of state plate count” from my youth. My kids don’t have to worry about such…docile activities. But with the death of slugbug and the rise of multiplayer games to make the hours go by, there must be some way, some sort of game that will help them divert from the screen for even a minute and take in the sights and sounds of the landscape  zipping by them at 80-90 miles per hour while the deafening roar of the poorly maintained backcountry highway makes it impossible to hear each other.

Here’s what modern road trip games must have:

Pop culture references – “Superhero landing pit” is my example here. As the fields of Wyoming or  Kentucky fly by, look for depressions in the group, craters even, that look as if a superhero has just landed in the center of and identify what superhero made the divot. Hulk pits are larger than Captain America divots. Captain Marvel craters are larger than Hulk pits. For extra points, identify how much time it took for the superhero to recover from such a poor landing style.

AI – It’s 2019. Madlibs should fill themselves out by now, right? Yep.

Robots – “How many Roombas” is the game here.  How many roombas would it take to clean this neglected, but still adopted highway? Six? Wrong.

Tums – I need them for everything else anyway.

Hashtags – Don’t involve social media in any way, but at the end of everything you say on a road trip add a hashtag. Example: “We need gas. Any body need a snack? #711 #rt2019 #GladIBroughtTums”




One thought on “Must Haves – Road Trip Games

  1. I still play slugbug and out of state plate with my wife and ive got the leg bruises to prove it……good times.
    I tried road trip games with my kids but youtube was so much more interesting to them. I mean, why play a game when you can watch other people play games on youtube? At least my dog still plays fetch with me…. Sigh….

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