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It’s a travel weekend! Packing. Plotting. Scheming. Avenging. All the usual stuff that goes into these road trips is on tap for the evening. Tomorrow we hit the road.

With that, here’s an oldie but a goodie.

The Secret Menu Clause

The line to order burritos was long but worth the wait.  This place had the guacamole, the sour cream, the special cheese, the spicy but not too spicy salsa; it was the best place in walking distance from the office. What really pushed it from a “great” spot to “the best spot” was the secret menu.  Patrons in the know would approach the order counter whisper magic words and their meal would go from delicious to over the top in the best way possible.

The restaurant needed to keep the secret menu a secret, however.  No secret can remain contained for too long, but the words could be controlled.  Some places say, “animal style” for a special treat. Some places say, “wit all” for added goodness.  Not this place though. At this place, if a patron wanted the best option they had to work for it.

A patron approached the counter, they could ask for a normal burrito that would blow their concept of what a burrito could be.  They could also say a special word and the burrito would make all other meals taste like cardboard.

What do the patrons of The Burrito Building have to say? What price is paid for entrance to the secret menu?

They have to say the hardest phrase there is:

“Nickleback gets a bum rap, but Photograph is truly a defining moment in music history.”

The secret menu is not often accessed.


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