Sample Size

“Doctor, we need a bigger sample group than this to get any real value from the study,” said Wyl, the project engineer for Doctor Yosa’s latest experiment.

“There aren’t any other samples. This is all there are,” Doctor Yosa said.

“Then why are we doing this? Why do we need to study this group if this is truly all there is? Extinction awaits them. We could be working on studying conditions that will affect the future.” Wyl asked.

“This is why we science, young one. No one else will ever see this. No one. We have to record what we find for the sake of history,” Doctor Yosa answered.

“But…they’re the last of their kind. The last of the humans,” Doctor Yosa said in amazement. “We have to learn about them else we become them.”

“Oh, now that’s ridiculous. We will never become them. I mean, just look at them eat. That’s gross,” Wyl commented.

“Toss another sandwich at them. I love that part,” Doctor Yosa commanded.

Wyl sighed and threw a sandwich at the group of humans in the lab. “Disgusting.”


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