Unpopular Opinions at the Office

We all know not to talk about certain subjects at work. This is just how we keep the economy running.  However, some people at work are keeping some seriously unpopular opinions inside.

Let’s take a look at your coworkers.

Name: Hawkins
Department: Logistics
Unpopular opinion: 2% milk all day, all day.

Name: Diedre
Department: Product Management
Unpopular opinion: The cancellation of Firefly was a good thing.

Name: Ross
Department: Human Resources
Unpopular opinion: Onion dip? More like Onion skip. Boom!

Name: Bob
Department: Finance
Unpopular opinion: Running for fun is great, but running from clowns is even more fun!

Name: Dan?
Department: Editorial? I…I have no idea. Dude’s been here for like a day.
Unpopular opinion: Jump rope is the only way to see the Grand Canyon

Name: Lucy
Department: IT
Unpopular opinion: Decaf coffee is great!

What a monster.

Name: Onyx
Department: Graphic Design
Unpopular opinion: The best sacrifice to the old gods is not a goat, but a big sack of fast-food cheeseburgers.


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