Upgrade Complete

“Okay, Mr. Sandstone, let’s take a look,” the doctor said. Larri Sandstone opened his eyes for the first time since being put under for surgery just hours before. Groggy, he stared at his hands and hoped everything went according to plan.

“I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised,” the doctor said. With a nod to a nurse, they were ready to test the upgrades.

“Go ahead. Try it out,” the nurse said.

Larri’s heart raced. He had saved for years to get the mods. The city was full of cybernetics of one sort or another and now he could join the cutting edge. No more would he be Larri the Downgrade, he would be Larri the Adapted.

He flicked his wrist and said the words that activated the upgrades.  A flash of light sparked from his wrist and a slight machine whirring was followed by a small cloud of smoke. Larri smiled. So far so good.

“Huzzah!” Larri shouted.

His left hand, once flesh and blood, was now so much better. The digits of his hand had retracted into the palm and were now a row of five glorious roses.

“Now the right,” the nurse instructed.

Larri flicked his right wrist. Another flash, another cloud of smoke, and more smiles as two doves flew away from Larri’s wrist.

The doctor clapped with joy and the nurse held back tears.  The surgery was a rousing success.

“You’re ready to hit the streets, kid,” the doctor said. “Congratulations. We’ll schedule a follow up for two weeks. Now get going, you!”

Larry the Adapted was ready to bring the best sleight of hand magic the world had ever seen to the streets of 2099 New York City.

Cyberpunk never talks about how amazing magic tricks are going to be in the future. Never.

I mean…I get why, but still someone could try.

Thanks for reading!


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