Protecting Monarch

“Monarch is in the building. All points provide status,” Agent Markus spoke into his headset. Five voices replied in rapid order with “we’re fine, Mark.”

“Come on guys, this is serious. Be professional,” Mark responded.

“I’m going to check the cafeteria for nefarious pizza. Anyone want to interrogate the witness with me?” Tyler said.

“That’s a mixed metaphor if I ever heard one,” Mark said.

“I’m in,” answered the other four.

Mark sighed. “Give it five minutes then back to your posts. I’m on Wild Goose like a fly trapped on sticky paper,” he said.

“Now who’s making bad metaphors?” Tyler joked.

“That was a simile,” Mark turned down his headset.

As Professor Tysha Williams started her speech before the convention, Mark kept a steady eye on the crowd. They looked peaceful, happy to be hearing from the professor. Mark knew that he wasn’t hired to keep an eye on peaceful audience members. He was hired to protect Monarch, the professor. He wasn’t sure why a butterfly specialist needed a guard unit assigned to her public events, but it wasn’t his job to ask either.

“Guys! Yo! Bob Barker is here!” Tyler shouted over the mics.

Mark turned his headset back up.

“That’s Tyler Perry! And…what the what? Tina Fey?” One of the others said.

“Okay folks, keep your cool. You can fanboy later. It seems we have a famous professor on our hands here,” Mark instructed.

What the heck are celebs doing here? Mark wondered. He was a merc for a low profile guard company. Two weeks ago he was pacing around a bank. Gigs with real security issues weren’t in his wheelhouse.

“All points, back to positions. We need to lock this thing down. I want to know every set of eyes that passes into the building,” Mark ordered.

“Copy,” Tyler said. The others followed suit.

Huh, Mark thought, They must be getting it now.

Mark stood on the right side of the stage, hidden slightly behind a curtain, and watched the crowd.

Why is…is that? He watched an audience member stand up in the middle of the room and just…stand. What is happening? Is that Hanibal?

As he tried to figure out who he was looking at, others in the crowd stood. Some began to shriek a terrible tone, like a prolonged dog bark with EDM synths mixed in. Audience members covered their ears and started running to the exits. All except the celebrities. More and more of the famous audience members began to shrieked and started to slowly approach the stage.

“Mark,” Professor Tysha addressed the guard, “please see to it that the audience members are safe. You and your team are to protect them at all costs. Do you understand?”

“Professor, what is happening?” Mark said as he pulled his taser from its holster.

“The prophecy is coming to its end,” The professor said.

“What the fudge-icles?” Mark shouted.

He watched the professor draw a broadsword from her back and ready for the approaching famous faces.

“Where were you hiding that?” Mark asked, impressed and horrified.

“You see,  I study butterflies. I need to know our enemy,” Professor Tysha explained. The celebrity cadre drew closer and closer.

“You see,” she continued, “these beasts are not the famed entertainers you know. They are imposters born of slimy cocoons and bent on destroying all that humanity has accomplished.”

Tyler Perry spat a firey ball of acid at the feet of Mark and Professor Tysha. They two missed the brunt of the blast, but their shoes faired less well.  Mark shrieked in a much less terrifying manner than the butterfly people approaching him, but not any less loud.

The other guards arrived in the auditorium, stumbling over each other as they watch Bob Barker expose a set of brightly colored paper-thin wings and scream violently in their direction.

“Protect the civilians!” Professor Tysha ordered. She did not have time to explain again.

The others stood still, shocked.

“Monarch said to protect the others! We protect the others!” Mark shouted. He charged by the celebutterflies to a group of cowering civilians. The other guards followed without hesitation.

“Run!” Mark instructed the huddled civilians.

In the background, he heard Professor Tysha let loose a horrifying roar followed soon by a sudden silence from butter-lebrities.

“Your time has come to an end!” The Professor shouted and yet another famou-fly fell.

Mark watched the professor vanquish foe after foe, waving the broadsword with grace and form he had never seen.

“Go!” Professor Tysha shouted at Mark as they caught eyes. “Protect them. I shall not be defeated this day nor any day!” She swung the sword once more and Bob Barkerfly was no more.

Mark and the other guards moved out, gathering former audience members and other civilians as they all made way for the building’s exit.

As doors closed behind them and the guards felt the warmth of the late afternoon sun wash over them, they all exchanged a look.

“What the heck just happened?” Tyler asked.

“We witnessed the greatest niche audience presentation in history, that’s what,” Mark answered. “Sweet googly moogly I love this job.”


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