Beta Testing

“Just present it as is, there’s no time left,” Delia ordered.

“It’s not working! There’s nothing to present! This should predict lifespans with 90% accuracy. It doesn’t. How am I supposed to present that?” Jenkins asked.

The project needed another three months to pan out properly.  Both people in the room knew they had 30 seconds.

“What can it do?” Delia asked.

“Something less helpful,” Jenkins admitted.

The door to the office flung open and in walked the product managers.  They were excited to see what they were about to sell no matter what. Crunch time was over. The market needed whatever Jenkins and Delia built, it just didn’t know it yet.

“There’s our dynamic duo! How’s it going, folks. I am stoked for your pitch,” Mitch said.

Delia and Jenkins smiled.

“Well. Let’s get to it then,” Jenkins said. He nervously plugged his laptop into the projector.

“This is an app that can take data provided by the user to accurately predict when the user will…” Jenkins sighed.

A typo that went unnoticed until yesterday had destroyed four months of code. The algorithm and the data input worked well enough, but not in the time frame he or Delia expected. The typo changed results to report out in weeks or days, not decades.

Delia jumped in to save her partner. “We call this ‘When Will You Pie?’ and predicts the next time, with 99% accuracy, when you will next get apple, banana cream, pumpkin, key lime, or lemon meringue pie.” She nodded enthusiastically to sell the idea.

The product managers pondered the new app for a beat, then Mitch broke the silence.

“Can we add cake as an in-app purchase? Expand it to burritos in a sister app?” He asked.

Jenkins sighed, “sure. Yeah. I guess.” He left the room.

Delia clapped her hands. “Let’s get to work then! Good stuff, yeah. Good stuff,” she said.


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