Kappa Lonsprie’s Denial

The ever-growing list of things Kappa Lonsprie denies having any knowledge of, but absolutely has knowledge of:

Gummi bears
Frank Zappa’s third album
The dark side of the moon
Fifteen percent of the band Fleetwood Mac
Yogi Bear’s current whereabouts
Where the red fern grows.
How cats always know who is allergic
Magnets.  How do they work?
Wool socks. And why dark side of the moon is populated by mole people who were sent there by Eisenhower to prepare for the coming invasion of the evil bi-pedal slugs of the Uglahp system.
Four breeds of cows that will not be recognized
The final episode of Night Court
Book two of the Twilight series.
Those bank fraud charges from 2009

Kappa can pretend to not know, but for how long?


Thanks for reading!


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