Chapter 19

Of “The Volcano’s Revenge”

I knew it was illegal, probably immoral, but parking in front of the fire hydrant was all I could do. I had to get upstairs before the ritual was complete. I figured I could tell the firefighters I had just saved the world and my car was a worthy sacrifice.

I could justify pretty much anything given time and enough energy drinks. If only Red Bull could give me the wings to fly to the top of this skyscraper. Why do evil cults always use the tallest towers in the city to conduct their nefarious rituals?

Of “The Duet”

The cheers of the crowd provided life. Weeks of practice following a lifetime of training had led to this moment. The duet was a success.

What would happen now? Rick and Nicky were afraid to confront the future, but they both knew the fate in store for them.

Rick was off to write the great American novel. Nicky was off to police academy. In five years time, Nicky would be a powerful detective and Rick would be her plucky civilian consultant. Together they would solve murders and help Nicky make her way to the rank of captain. That’s just how these situations play out. It is how they must play out.

Of “The Records Room” 

“Oh wow. The S section is huge!”  Wilson said, excitedly.  “Time to get to work.


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