A Bonding Moment

“Excellent. Excellent, yes,” Jonah said, gleefully. He began rushing around the lab. “This is an excellent opportunity. We can prove your superiority. This challenge the community has put before you, before us, is going to change the world. Yes, yes. Quite a day.”

“Dad, it’s not-” Junior tried to say.

“The entirety of my life in the criminal underworld of this city, building the newest gadgets and tools to keep us ahead of the authorities will be employed. Today, your evil genius father will become your evil genius dad,” Jonah slapped Junior’s shoulder and smiled. “Bonding!” Jonah cackled.

“We need missiles and maybe an EMP? An ejector seat for your safety, of course. Oil slicks are classic. We can put a jet engine on the back of that thing for speed. What am I saying? We have to put a jet engine on this thing; it’s all we have available!” Jonah designed out loud.

“Dad, please, it’s a soapbox derby against other history majors down a big hill,” Junior reminded the over-energized evil genius running about the room.

“You’re right. Two jet engines and we go with marbles instead of an oil slick. Ejector seat remains,” Jonah said.

“Excellent. Yes. Excellent,” Junior was ready to build.


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