Spud Winslow Reviews His Data

Spud Winslow has had in an interesting few days. Following a tragic incident with a Roomba and a loose glass of La Croix over the weekend, Spud has opted to do some spring cleaning of his beloved laptop computer.

Here’s what went into the trash folder:

Five reports written in college that all start with an introduction pertaining to why he was qualified to report on the subjects. He was never qualified to speak in regard to any of the subjects.

A picture of the Super Troopers cast and crew captioned “#Goals”

Four remixes of “Amish Paradise” originally crafted by the unique genius of “Weird” Al Yankovich. One of the remixes is “The Chipmunks” special.

2 gigs of a game called “Watershed”. He never played it. It won’t open. The internet does not recognize its existence. Did Spud program this? Did this just come into existence? It was deleted out of fear rather than the need for space.

A file called “#goals” that linked back to the Super Troops photo.

An excel file that was just a point and click version of Battleship.

Napster circa 2001. What a rebel that Spud. Also, how old is this laptop? Spud knows not.

A portrait editing program called “Dorian Gray”

Photos from a zoo trip in 2012 which are 90% animal butts and 10% photos of a charging duck. Spud has not been to the zoo in a long, long time.

The entire second season of Dollhouse. He had no idea what was going on with that show.

All cut scenes from Mechwarrior 2 on a twenty-hour loop. He did watch the first hour and the scenes totally hold up still.

All the After Dark screen savers from the 1990s. They don’t even work anymore. No big loss, but flying toasters and mowing over cats will always be in his heart.



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