Since They’re Listening Anyway

More and more of our devices have the capability to listen to us and interpret what we need.  Seriously awesome stuff, but right now what do we do with this technology? Activate robot vacuums? Buy Tide Pods? Boring. There’s so much potential with the capabilities of listening tech.  Here’s are some app ideas that will take this technology to the next level.

Walk Away – the app that’s always listening, but learns when your conversations end and strikes up “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits

Reference – the app that will tell you what movie, television, Broadway, book, or music hit your buddy just referenced. It hears the reference and pulls up the appropriate Wikipedia article.

Coherent – takes what you say and places it into a transcript which is then made more coherent for whomever your audience may be. I will personally be using this when attempting to get anything done at a meeting with people not of my generation.

Receipts – reminds you that you did indeed say that thing you just claimed to not have so you better just pipe down now, young one. Shhhh…. Before you dig that hole any deeper.

Lull – listens for downtime in the conversation. Once the quiet hits it sends a conversation starter to your watch so you can discretely check the message. Topics are either elephant migratory patterns or waffles.  Good for networking events if you’re in the elephant migratory pattern business.

Rudy! – While you’re talking, this one tells you if you are coming off as more like Sean Astin of Rudy fame or Rudy Giuliani of squandered public reputation fame.

AHHH!! – Pinpoints the exact location of the cricket in your house.  You’re welcome.

Airplane Mode – Ever wonder what that airplane flying above you is?  This app can tell you what the model is, where it was made, how you will die, and how many times Tom Petty has flown on that type of airplane.


The possibilities are limitless!


Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Since They’re Listening Anyway

  1. Is there an app which tells you how many times Tom Petty has been that high – without the use of an airplane??
    I have a personal app called Woolly Mammoth, which just shuffles around aimlessly, waiting for Neolithic data hunter/gatherers like me to look shit up ourselves. 😆
    BTW; it’s “discreetly check the message” unless this time is different, and separate from, every other time.

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