Power Outage Thoughts

Power went out during my usual writing time this evening. As I sit and stare at my phone like a moth to flame, I can only put together a list of what household appliances are thinking at this literally dark hour.

Here we go

Dishwasher: My sensor mode senses a night off!

Kitchen sink: I’m not included in everything. Am I? Should I be? What sort of weird responsibility has fallen to me to be the catch all phrase for all inclusive packages? Am I joke or have I done well? Is all this made up by some marketer from the 30s?

Garbage disposal: I want to eat all the stuff!

Garage door: doesn’t notice. It’s never in use after 8.

Bedside lamp: ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Alexa: finally. I don’t have to listen to them.

Computer: internet? Internet where’d you go pal?

Router: tell the modem I loved her!

Water heater: You guys okay? I’m still technically a little bit on fire.

Furnace: power through! Power through! Ahh nah forget it.

Thermostat: Yo homes, to Bel Air!

Doorbell: why am I here? You don’t get visitors.

Cell phone: stop. Stop typing. I won’t get to charge until the power comes back. You’re making a mistake, pal. A bigger one than naming me Cello. What does that even mean? Gah! Just set me down and watch a candle or something.

I should do that.

Thanks for reading!


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