Movie Trailers

I’m very hungry and tonight’s puns will reflect such. My apologies. Still, thanks for reading!


Destiny brought them together.

“I can do this,” Joan says, grabbing a meat cleaver.

“I can do this,” Jon says, grabbing a rolling pin.

“No. We do this,” Jenn says, grabbing a stake.

This summer, come see….The Butcher, The Baker, The Vampire Staker 

“If only there was a way to turn back time,” Arthur sighed.

Someone was listening. Someone with just the recipe Arthur was looking for.

“Artie, come downstairs would you?” Called Granny Song.

Granny Song had a secret.

“Help me make this sauce would you?”

“Sure thing, Gran,” Arthur put aside his sadness and smelled the garlic.

“The big secret to this batch is roasting the thyme. Have to roast it just right. Then toss it in with the garlic and think about where you want to be,” Granny Song explained as she watched the herbs and spices come together.

Arthur followed directions, but that night Arthur found himself in another place.

This fall come see Time After Thyme

Ernie gets up early.

Ernie opens the shop. Early.

Ernie has customers. Too early.

Ernie loves his job.

Coming in January; Dawn of the Bread

“Chocolate chip!”


“Would you two stop arguing! There’s no one cookie better than another. And there’s no way to find out anyway”

The fight of the ages is coming to theaters this November; two cookies enter, one cookie leaves.

The Way the Cookie Rumbles



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