A Cruise

The first night aboard Neptune’s Boogie was going well.  The cabins were perfect, the boat barely moved (or so it seemed) against the waves, the other passengers were pleasant; all in all, it was a great start to a vacation.

“To us,” Synder toasted.

“That’s cheesy,” Wyn replied but clanked the glass anyway.

“I can’t believe we’re finally here. This cruise is a long time coming,” Synder said.

Wyn nodded in agreement.

The food arrived and the couple devoured the meal. That’s when Wyn started to worry.

“Remember your promise. You said you wouldn’t make any references to that stupid movie. For the whole trip. Not one reference,” Wyn reminded Synder.

“I don’t remember making such promises,” Synder smirked.


Synder stood up, motioned for Wyn to run, and started making references.

“Iceberg? Pssh! God could not sink this ship,” Synder said.  No one noticed.

“It’s been 20 years,” Wyn noted, “maybe one of the more popular ones if you’re going to continue with this?”

“In that case, where to miss?” Synder asked.

Wyn sighed. “To the stars.”

“I’m king of the world!”  Synder shouted.

“We’re never going on a cruise again, you know that, right?” Wyn warned.

“Please leave,” a waiter asked.


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