50 Words About a Parrot

“Keep trying! You’ll get it,” Cass said encouragingly.

“I’ve been at this for three weeks,” Frank answered, “Frustration is mounting.”

“Have you tried a different phrase? Something shorter maybe?” Cass asked.

“I want the parrot to say, ‘Fire ant burritos for all’ and nothing else!” Frank knew what he wanted.

“Squak! Squak!” Tanner teased the caged parrot.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Danny cautioned.

“Oh come on, there’s nothing to – ah!” Tanner shouted. He finally understood his friend’s dire warning.

“Fire ant burritos for all! Fire ant burritos for all!” The parrot screeched as it spat Tanner’s finger to the floor.

“It would be great if this thing could fly. Would you want to be a bird? Fly away? Be up there in the clouds? Understand true grace? That would be amazing,” Connie mused.

“Fire ant burritos for all!” Screamed the caged parrot.

“Yeah, that could be cool,” Gary answered, laughing.



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