Interview with a Monster

“I’m 10 o’clock news anchor Javier Del Rio, and tonight my guest is Twister, the monster who just after finish picking up a mess and turn around, makes an even bigger mess resulting in you muttering obscenities under your breath,” Javier introduced the segment.

“Yes, and thank you so much for having me, Javier! I am the one making messes when you turn around after cleaning up,” Twister said, “I’m happy to be here.”

“Yes, and we’re happy to have you. First question, why?” Javier asked.

“Oh, there are so many reasons! But, real talk now, the real reason is…I’m just sort of mean,” Twister laughed.

“So, let’s say I just picked up ten pounds of LEGO bricks that were supposed to be picked up by the kiddos. I put the bricks away. I take a moment to enjoy the labor, look down to check my phone, and when I look back there’s just a giant mess where my clean floor was lived?” Javier did not laugh.

“Yes! And I will watch and cackle with glee!” Twister cackled gleefully.

“And now we know. Thank you for your time, Twister. This is Javier Del Rio, signing off.” Javier said.

The small group in attendance watching the scene play out clapped. Javier and Twister, played by Tracy Sawyer, bowed.

“Good scene, good scene,” the improv coach applauded as well, “I think that’s a good stopping point.”

The coach realized at that moment that Parent’s Only Improv Night had devolved into little more than passive-aggressive comments the participants wish they could say to their offspring.



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