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This week I’m going to try something both fun and arguably lazy!  All stories this week will be the same story (or story elements) as Flying Car, but using different formats and characters that I turn too often.  So here we go with more flying cars and gas cans! Other takes this week: From the Town Records of Shadow River, People on the Highway, The Day Job Journal, The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur,The Message Was Impossible to Miss, 

Coming to theaters soon…

“The final is in five hours!” Jackie screamed.

“We need to study,” Janice screamed back.

“But first weneed breakfast!” Joani screamed too.

“I know what we should eat!” Jackie screamed some more.

“I swear, Jackie, if you make us eat that meal again I will get a can of gasoline and burn this place down,” Janice screamed.

Coming this summer, see Green Eggs and Cram.

Exterior, a park full of swings and merry-go-rounds rests under a bubble on the surface of Mars. Two parents sit next to each other on a bench, chatting about the trouble of parenthood on the red planet.

“I can do without the roar of flying cars all night long,” MaryEllen says.

“Ugh, I know, we don’t even have drive-thrus, why have flying cars?” Alise replies.

The kids play peacefully.

An explosion rocks the sky.  A flying car falls to the ground.  From the wreckage, a giant beast emerges.  Screaming ensues.

This August see Red Planet of the Apes.

“Wow, Costco has everything!” Adalla says, excitedly.

“You can order a flying car!” Spike says, equally excitedly.

“Yikes,” Adalla’s excitement dwindled, “they have an annual running of the bulls here.”

“That makes no sense. Between the insurance issues, the animal rights issues, the logistics issues; I’m just confused,” Spike said, equally unexcited.

March 2019, come see Big Box Gore

“Let’s just hit the drive-thru,” Ramone suggests.

“Again? We’ve done fast food for the last five nights,” Sid contests.

“You know, one day there won’t be drive-thru windows. Then you’ll wish you could just go get a combo meal while planning a heist,” Ramone says.

“Can we just go rob houses and plan on some homemade spaghetti when we get back to the apartment?” Sid counters.

Ramone sighs, “sure. I guess.”

Coming this February, see Value Steal.

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