From the Town Records of Shadow River

This week I’m going to try something both fun and arguably lazy!  All stories this week will be the same story (or story elements) as Flying Car, but using different formats and characters that I turn too often.  So here we go with more flying cars and gas cans!

Zoning Review
Township of Shadow River
Date: February 2, 2019
Mayor Rodney Blueburn presiding

Guy Whetstone, local inventor: Mayor, council members, I require a new zoning regulation for my residence. If you review my presentation materials you will see why this change is necessary.

Council Member La’toya Montoya, reading the document: You made a flying car?

Guy Whetstone: Yes. The tragedy of it all. I will work on making fast-food drive-thrus float in due time.

Mayor Blueburn nods approvingly at this thought

Council Member Tiger Magic: You wish to rezone your home so you can mass produce these contraptions in your garage?

Guy Whetstone: I already make toasters and refine crude oil in there. Figured the leap was logical.

Council Member Kimberly Espina, first meeting following the mysterious disappearance of Hope Dogood:  Come again?

Guy Whetstone: Rezoning my home to commercial will ensure that I can build enough flying cars that we, the citizens of Shadow River, will be ready for the inevitable arrival of the evil sky demons known as Cloudboars.

Council Member Montoya: There it is.

Mayor Blueburn is leaning in toward Mr. Whetstone, utterly captivated and terrified.  

Guy Whetstone:  The flying cars operate similar to drones, but carry people instead of bunnies –

Council member Espina: What now?

Guy Whetstone: These flying cars will carry us and allow us full range of motion while engaging in sky combat against the Cloudboars. I have a photo.

Whetstone presents a photo

Council member Tiger Magic, now also captivated and terrified: I was really hoping you were just letting the mercury poisoning speak, but these things are real aren’t they.

Mayor Blueburn: Rezoning approved!  Begin production immediately!

Guy Whetstone: Score!

Council member Espina: That’s not how democracy works…


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