Lunch Hour Characters- Late Shift

This is Nine. Nine is working the late shift today so lunch is a bit late. Usually, Nine works 1st shift shows up at 7am, eats lunch at 11, leaves at 3. Simple routine just minding the shop, helping people out and moving through procedures. This shift is a bit different. How different? Let’s find out… through haiku!

“Welcome to the team!”
The trainer was quite polite.
“Unlearn all you know.”

“1st shift? All dummies.”
The trainer grew less polite.
“3rd shift is okay.”

“First things first, newbie.”
Nine was ready to listen.
“Get your robe and hood.”

That’s not protocol.
First shift got hats and name tags.
Where are customers?

“Chant this spell first thing.”
“It brings doomsday closer yet.”
“It’s what we’re here for”

Second shift was weird.
Working toward the end of days.
But no customers!



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