The Singular Hobby of Dingo

Dingo loved one thing; weird conversations starters with strangers at parties.

What would Dingo say to strangers on the street? Nothing but fun things like…

I have the antidote.
The full moon no longer affects me. Quarter moons are all the rage now.
The magic trick failed! The bunny won’t be coming back.
The walk of fame is moving here!
The best restaurant in the area is *incomprehensible jibberish*
Waffles. Thoughts?
If life were like The Sims my neighbors’ house would constantly be on fire.
Here’s your moment of zen *incomprehensible jibberish*
Ernest Hemingway is the weakest Earnest.  Discuss.
This is complicated…but, I ate your burrito.
Oh my gosh! Look over there!
Peanut butter and jellyfish? What will they think of next?
Mystery Men is the only good superhero movie. Discuss.
Your bank account *incomprehensible jibberish*

Frankly, Dingo is not well liked. The party invites don’t come as often as they once did.


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