Quint’s Silent Steps

“My phone is still in there,”  Quint said, horrified.

Gwen stared, mimicking the new father’s face, “You. Did. Not.”

“I can save this.  In and out.” Quint was pretty sure of his ability to remain silent.

Gwen’s confidence in him was low, but that was attributable to lack of sleep and caffeine.  “You move like a ninja or you sleep on the couch. Understood?”

Quint nodded and opened the door.

~~~Literally 13 seconds later~~~

“That thing came out of nowhere!” Quint said, placing an ice pack on his knee.

“It’s the changing table, dear,” Gwen said.

The baby was wide awake.



This one is from May 2017 originally and is completely based on my reality.  My kids are older now, but I am still wildly incapable of moving through the house quietly at night.  I’d call it a curse, but it has been a problem long enough that it is verging on being funny.  I’ve stopped running into things, but 60-year-old hardwood floors creak like rubber duckin’ tiny rivers.  Write what you know, right?

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading.


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