The Captain’s Report

The Fleet handed Captain Micos a fancy badge, a ship, and a mission to explore parts of space no human had ever traveled.  The captain was well versed in logistics planning, strategy planning, lunch planning, and plan planning.  Taking a crew of thousands through the depths of uncharted space was little more than a checkbox on a honey-do list.

The Captain was not trained on planning for explaining to high command why a report would be filed with the phrase, “they were shaped like dogs but had microwave faces! Then came the burrito attack!”

The captain opted not to file the report in a traditional format. “The written word is dead,” the recorded explanation started, “so, please watch this footage of the encounter and know that these events are real and the edge of known space is absolutely terrifying.”

The captain, sitting on the edge of space, had planned on the report being well received, had planned on being told to apprehend a microwave burrito dog, had planned that high command would congratulate the crew on surviving such a scary crew.  What was not planned was the ten year supply of hot sauce sent directly to the ship.  That was far from in character for high command.

The captain did get to put those lunch planning skills into use though.


That’s it for tonight. Thanks for reading!


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