The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Narrator:  These are dire times, listener! The Captain has fallen into a trap. Her trusted companion Psyde Qik has been kidnapped! The sky is dark and Skye is displeased! Will the trap win the day? Will Psyde Qik ever hit the soda-shop again?  It’s time to find out on The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur!


Rock Whittlestone: This diamond mine is all…mine! 

Psyde Qik: Nock it off with that evil laughter, you evil doer!  Captain Skye Will be here to save me and stop you! You just wait and see!

Rock Whittlestone: Oh, I think not, Kid Qik. You see, I have hatched a scheme so diabolical, so insidious that even your precious Captain Skye won’t be here in time to save you.

Psyde Qik: There’s nothing the Cap’n can’t handle! Take this!

Rock Whittlestone: I would prefer you to stop kicking that dirty mine floor dust at me. It is rather sharp and my allergies can be bothersome.

Psyde Qik: Just wait until I get my spitball shooter!

Captain Skye Dyvur:  Sorry I’m late, Psyde. Someone set a trap for me.

Rock Whittlestone: Hello Skye. I thought I had more time.

Captain Skye: Turns out you can set a system task to update and monitor system updates as they come, even if they come ten-thousand at a time.

Rock Whittlestone:  Blast!

Psyde Qik:  Good call, Captain! Now get me out of here and let’s kick this guy’s butt!

Rock Whittlestone: Wait! Skye, for old time’s sake, maybe just let me go?

Psyde Qik: loudly stuck in shocked silence

Rock Whittlestone: That’s right, Psyde. Skye loved me once.

Captain Skye Dyvur: That was before you sucked, Rock.

Psyde Qik: Get ‘im, Captain! Yeah!

Captain Skye: And you set a trap that forced me to update Quicktime on a PC. That’s not evil, that’s annoying. Show me a Windows user that regularly updates Quicktime. Show me one. Get with it, Rock. Your trap was easily foiled and useless.  What do you even want with this diamond mine? Did you think this through? No. You never think things through.

Rock Whittlestone: I was going to carve the diamonds into little roses and sell them to jewelers all over the world. See! I thought it through. I had a plan.

Captain Skye: That’s not solving a problem anyone has, Rock. No one has looked at their three thousand dollar diamond ring and begged that the rock be rose shaped.

Rock Whittlestone: It seems my plan was not exactly…flawless. Eh? Eh? That one really worked out ’cause of the diamonds.

Captain Skye: I hope you spend years behind bars. Psyde and I are taking you in!

Psyde Qik:  Yeah!

Narrator:  Next time on The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur, Skye and Psyde face off against the nefarious ruler of a long lost land while trying to figure out why Spotify keeps recommending Creed. Psyde pleads innocence, but Skye knows better. Skye always knows better.


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