The Night Ends

“Hey! Let’s play go fish!” Dan suggested.  With that, the night was declared over.

“Let’s get home, bud” Tony said, coaxing Dan out of the bar booth.

“Home has taquitos. I am in favor of this plan,” Dan said.

Tony and Dan said their goodbyes to the group at the bar and made their way home to a small apartment they shared in the heart of downtown. The rent was outrageous, the view was of three other apartment buildings, and the super was ruder than a mongoose in a camping tent, but the location was absolute perfection.

“Good night, Dan,” Tony said as soon as they got into the home.

“Yeah, good night,” Dan said, “I’m just going to work on something real quick. If it gets too loud come tell me to shut up, okay?”

“Sure. Peace,” Tony said groggily as he closed his bedroom door.

Dan went to work.

Tony awoke the next morning sure of two things; work started in a couple of hours and the weekend was actually pretty dang fun.  Every thing felt like a normal Monday morning.  The smell of dark-roast filled the air, some sort of potato was frying on the stove, and Michael McDonald songs were playing throughout the apartment.  Sure it was an odd song choice for home’s demographic, but that soothing baritone made for a great way to start the day.

Tony, eyes half closed as he worked to pull himself fully from sleep, stepped into the common area.

His eyes shot wide open.

“Dan?!” Tony shouted toward the kitchen. “What the crap is this?”

Dan shot out into the common area with oven mitts on both hands.  “Do you like it?” He asked.

“I don’t know what it is,” Tony said.

“I wanted to play go fish last night, but no one else wanted to join in the fun. I built these giant fish robots, plugged them into the Watson supercomputer through an API of all things – can you believe that? – and now have AI Fish to play Go Fish with any time!” Dan explained. “One is even helping me cook!”

A giant fish robot carrying a carton of eggs walked up behind Dan and waved a fin at Tony.

“This has to stop, Danny,” Tony warned. “This is the chutes-and-ladders snakes incident waiting to happen all over again.”

“Oh it won’t be that bad.”

“Those snakes ate my dog, Dan. They just gobbled Mr. Peanut right up,” Tony said as he walked back into his room.


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