Short Stories from the Forest

On a beach beside a lake in a forest in the mountains sat a bear. The bear, Marcellus to his friends, snored softly.

“Bear,” whispered a rabbit.  “Bear are you awake?”

There was no response. The rabbit smiled and pulled out a Sharpie. “Our time to shine, folks! Get him!”

Snail climbed a piece a smooth granite boulder, eagerly awaiting the view from the top.

“Snail,” shouted squirrel, “what are you doing?”

“Going on an adventure!” Snail shouted back.

“Can I come too?” Squirrel asked. Snail agreed.

The boulder was short than squirrel, but Squirrel enjoyed the adventure any way.

From a tree branch high above the forest floor, Racoon surveyed her dominion.

“My Queen,” her footman said, “the food shortage is over.”

Relieved, Racoon praised her gods and dismissed the footman.

Alone, she opened a hidden drawer. “Finally,” she said as she devoured a discarded jar of pickled beets.

“What are you thinking,” asked Puma.

“Recent Adam Sandler movies suck,” replied Bobcat.

“That’s hardly news,” said Puma.

“I’m allowed to think of what I want to think of,” Bobcat asserted.

“Yes you are,” Puma agreed.

Silence followed, but both were thankful they didn’t have to watch Sandler’s Netflix Originals.

As a child, Mouse wanted to visit the Moon. The Moon did not know mouse existed.

“I’m going to kick that thing in the face,” Mouse told his friends.

“Don’t be mean,” his friends replied.

Mouse grew out of that phase and got really into dubstep for a short time.


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