Prepare and Protect

Seven years ago

Hans stared at the newborn in his arms and held back tears. His son rested with his eyes closed and wore a hand knitted miniature cap to keep his bald head warm.  It was the most wonderful moment of Hans’ life. “I am going to protect you from and prepare you for the world outside these hospital walls, my precious baby. You have my word,” Hans whispered. The tears could no longer be held back.

Four years ago

“Da! The swing goes up! I go down!” Dari called. Hans could not have been prouder. “Why spider live here?” Dari questioned. Hans was proud of the youngster’s curiosity.

“Spiders help our world by eating bugs. Too many bugs and we’d all get mosquito bites all the time! Spiders are our friends and an important part of what’s called the Eco-system.  Can you say Eco-system? Good job! So if you see a spider, don’t smash it. Let it be and let it do its good, good job, okay? Good kiddo. Go play.” Hans grinned widely as Dari waved goodbye to a spider and went on to play. So far the child was being both protected and prepared. Hans was not straying from his promise.

This morning

“Dad! What if the whole world was made of salt and there were no French Fries for us to eat?” Dari asked.

“I guess the giant snail overlords would be doomed and French Fries would be made of turnip clippings or something. Now, for the fifth time in as many minutes, put on your shoes. I’m not asking again. Shoes. Now.” Hans warned.

“Dad! What if there were real life ninjas in the grocery store stealing all the milk?”

“Ninjas wear shoes, Dari!”

Hans would prepare and protect after school.

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