Emelia Looks to the Horizon

Waiting. Waiting was the hardest part. Tapping her foot became tiresome. The only song she could sing was Tubthumper and no one wanted to hear that, at least not in a crowded dog park from a person who wasn’t even holding or caring for a dog. It would be weird to start singing the best song of the 1990s in this situation.

Still, Emelia waited. She crossed and uncrossed her arms, bit her fingernails, and stared unblinkingly to the horizon waiting for the drop to happen.

Emelia knew right from wrong. She wanted everyone involved to know that she understood the situation was wrong and her participation was wrong, but she had to do it anyway.  She absolutely had to participate in this clandestine endeavor. There was no telling what would happen if she did not take part in this. She created a moral gray area for herself to operate within.  The situation was wrong and full of betrayal, the actions were rightly motivated.

Still, the waiting was torture. Her stomach churned. She saw the dogs and guardians running around her, but heard nothing aside from her pulse thumping in her throat. Any sound she did hear she assumed was a police cruiser on its way to apprehend her and bring a stop to her actions.  She felt little droplets of sweat forming at her brow.  Never before had she flown so close to the sun that was a life of crime. It was thrilling and sickening all at once.

Finally, her mule’s outline appeared on the hill by the tall trees on the east end of the park. She walked toward the accomplice as inconspicuously as possible, but had trouble remembering to move one leg after the other and stumbled quite a bit. Being so aware of her steps was hard to manage.

“Hi, Emelia, right?, Here’s your sandwich!” Tim, the Doordash delivery guy greeted her.

“Keep it down, would you. Gah! I wrote it down in the order, this has to be quick and quiet.” Emelia said as the stress of it all started to show.

“Oh, right, the regular sandwich place may find out. I thought Quiznos was out of business?”

“Almost. They have so much time on their hands now.” Emelia finished her sandwich inspection, handing Tim an extra $5 for being so speedy. She nodded, tucked the sandwich into her coat and started the long walk back to the office.


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