Lunch Hour Characters- Eggie

Eggie is breakfast. Eggie does not live. Eggie does not think.  Eggie is eggs which have encountered a cooking conundrum.  The food now has a face. What’s the egg fryer to do? Let’s learn more…in haiku form.

The mind plays a trick.
It sees a face in breakfast.
So not hungry now.

These look familiar.
Is that Nosferatu there?
Blood sucking egg dish!

Those eyes tell stories.
Is breakfast now Juggalo?
This does not bode well.

Is it the yellow?
Which part of the egg kills you?
Maybe the whole thing?

I shall name this egg.
Then I will consume this egg.
Now that is metal.

If I do eat this
What have I become then? What?
Less hungry is what.


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