Movie mashup projects I would fully support should the crowd funding campaign ever happen.


What happens when a zany family and Bigfoot time travel to the old west and their only way back is to win some sick and poorly developed dueling contest? Find out in…

The Quick and the Hendersons

In a body swap mishap for the ages, precocious 13 year old Jim Jr awakes to find himself in his dad’s body! A frantic call later, Jim Sr confirms he’s in the son’s body! To make matters worse, Jim Sr’s job took him a bit farther away from home than most parents.  When disaster strikes, Jr. and Sr. learn a bit more about each other and a bit more about themselves too. A heart warming tale of seeing things from someone else’s perspective and coming home again. See…

Apollo 13 Going On 30

Madmartigan has a friend so smart, so dedicated, so misunderstood that he just can’t help but defend the guy. The friend has a special task ahead, but needs the advice of a wise teacher to get through the quest ahead.  One of them is in love with Minnie Driver, I think? That will be cleared up in the movie you say you love, but have not watched in…

Good Willow Hunting

It was supposed to be a quick operation. Get in, get the thief, get out. It all went awry. The bishop won’t save them. Do they have the magic to get out? Find out in…

Ladyhawke Down

“Why are all of these drinks non-alcoholic?! I’m going to burn this whole place down, Marion!” The essential line of…

Indiana Jones and the Shirley Temple of Doom

Someone is traveling through time to start fires. Someone has to travel through time to fight fires. This is heavy, Doc.

Backdraft to the Future

In a feature length film where Danny finally loses his mind, leaves that very packed abode and finds his calling bouncing at biker bars…

Full Road House




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