The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Narrator: The good captain finds herself in quite the pickle! After dropping into a city center with its suits and briefcases and fast casual dining experiences, the captain is in hot pursuit of a ne’er do well the likes of which she’s never faced before! Has Dyvur finally met her match in the big city? Has she come up against a foe even she cannot out wit? Stay tuned!

Captain Skye Dyvur, breathlessly: Stop already, would you?

Miles Walker, tauntingly: Not now! Not ever

Psyde Qik: Geez, Captain, I can’t run like this much longer! You know, it’s pretty ironic this baddie’s name is Walker, huh?

Captain Dyvur: We’ll have time to laugh later, old friend. First, let’s ensure this evil doer gets trapped in the alley way!

Miles Walker: Curses! You’ve trapped me in an alley way! If only Waze was wise! Ah! Get it? Get it? ‘Cause they sound alike.

Captain Dyvur, exasperated: We came to help you see the error of your ways, Miles. Please listen to reason!

Miles Walker: Never! Never!

Psyde Qik: But you have to! You’re being irresponsible!

Captain Dyvur: The world doesn’t need another Crossfit location! There’s a saturation point that has been passed and now you’re just stealing clients from other good, fine coaches.

Psyde Qik: And we know of your diabolical plan to open a Cinnabon in the space immediately next door!

Miles Walker, after a long maniacal laugh: It’s the best of both worlds! First, they improve themselves, then they reward themselves, then the sugar guilt kicks in and I get them again!

Captain Dyvur: You’re sick, Miles Walker! And now you’re going to pay for your crimes!

Miles Walker: I think not!

Psyde Qik: Wow, Captain, I did not expect Miles Walker, again someone who I expect to only walk miles, to be wearing a jetpack under his coat! What an escape.

Captain Skye Dyvur: And here we stand, only capable of falling out of the sky, not jumping back into it. He may have gotten around us this time, but he’ll show up again.

Psyde Qik: How do you know?

Captain Skye Dyvur: The plot involves Cinnabon and Crossfit; he won’t be able to avoid talking about it again.


Narrator: Next time on The Continuing Adventures of Skye Dyvur, the captain drops in on boat full of stopped cars in the cargo hold and Psyde has a field day!



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