The Stories of Shadow River Park

On October 4, 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to leave earth and enter space. This feat of human potential inspired and terrified the world.  In the tiny town of Shadow River, it sparked something inside the mind of young Guy Whetstone that would never be extinguished.  He saw that little spiky orb enter space and wondered what he could do on earth that would shatter the world in a similar matter.

So Guy, not yet even a teenager, started thinking.  Space had already been reached.  The oceans were too far away. Radio existed. There seemed little else to discover or invent or explore.  However, when he looked for inspiration he found his answer sitting in a field just outside his home.

Cows Guy Whetstone thought to himself.  The youngster grabbed a bag of wires and circuits and ran to the field.  He ignored his mother’s warnings that a rainstorm was due any moment. He ignored his father shouting that the field was full of gopher holes. He ignored his sister’s teasing after he stepped in a cow pie that was suspiciously close to the house.  All he could focus on was getting to the cattle in the field.

“By golly,” Guy said when he stood next to a prized Red Poll. The creature was magnificent.  “I have an idea.”

Guy went to work. He rummaged through his bag and tossed a few things together before realizing he would need some sort of electricity to make the soldering iron work properly.

“I’ll be back, Dutch Angle,” Guy told the cow, looking at the cow from a bizarre perspective. He ran to the house and finished his device.  He could have applauded himself right then and there but needed to know if it would work before patting himself on the back.  He ran back to Dutch Angle the Red Poll bovine with glee.

“D.A.” Guy shouted. The cow ignored him.  “I’m going to put this on your head and then I will understand what you are trying to say when you moo!”

Guy Whetstone, the inventor kid, created a way for humans to understand livestock.  He was sure the world would celebrate his birthday one day.

The device settled on the cow’s head and Guy waited.

Dutch ate grass.  Lots of grass.

“This stuff sucks.” Guy heard a voice.

“Dutchy?” Guy asked.

“My name is Wolf’s Fear. My job is to make wolves fearful of this herd,” Dutch Angle said.

“We don’t have wolves in Shadow River,” Guy said.

Dutch spit some half chewed grass to the ground. “Not anymore we don’t. Not anymore.”

“I’m never going to stop inventing things,” Guy told the talking cow.



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