Story Platforms – A 3D Print-and-Play Tabletop Game

The game: Story Platforms is a 3d print-and-play tabletop RPG designed for quick set-up, fast and fun play, and light rules to help you play the game you wish without going totally crazy. Players take turns making their moves against an opposing force (as decided by the Storyteller who gets everyone moving through the story).

Get some friends together, roll some characters and work together with the Storyteller (GM). Above we see a wizard and a warrior breaking into the home of an evil politician trying to ban burritos.

To build a character, roll the four dice provided in the print and assign them P for power, C for Check, R for roll.  Power helps reduce the hit points of the opposing force, Check identifies how much higher an opposing force has to roll than the player, R gives a +X bonus to each roll the player makes.  Players decide what they want to do and roll. The Storyteller adapts and rolls along side them.  Fun, quick, easy!

The rules: The PDF: Story Platforms Read the rules online by clicking this link (if you don’t want to download them)

The cards: downloadable pdf:  Story Platforms Cards

The 3d fileGet it at Thingiverse

Don’t have a 3d printer? Send me a note. We’ll get you playing somehow.


I may not have written a book this year, but by golly I spent a whole 16 hours on this game and that counts for something!  Try it out. I plan on keeping up with it to adapt and amend the rules, build some guided scenarios and games and making it a really fun experience for gamers of all sorts.

Please let me know what you think, how you play, how you changed stuff, and most importantly what stories you told!

Happy gaming!


One thought on “Story Platforms – A 3D Print-and-Play Tabletop Game

  1. […] Story Platforms – A 3D Print-and-Play Tabletop Game @ Shawn Writes Stuff – Oh, this is a cool idea.  The author has created a game that can be produced at home with a 3D printer.  The pictures look pretty cool and there’s an outline of the rules.  If you have access to such a device, go check it out, print up a copy and give it a go.  I’m sure the author would appreciate feedback!. […]


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