Rhymes for the Tough Times – 2

I enjoy kid tv shows that use rhymes or song to impart lessons to the child viewer. I thought perhaps I could add some that parents could use time and time again to get the point across.


Don’t chew your shirt
It’s full of dirt
You eat it more
And I’ll double your chore

Clean your room
Not a pharaoh’s tomb
Stuff on the floor
Will seal your door

Go to sleep
Not one more peep
Please be cool
And go start to drool

If ever there was a time
To teach something through rhyme
Now would be it.
Don’t steal my wallet.

You need to know your alphabet
You need to know your etiquette
You need to know not to eat the litter box.

Look up look down
This is our town
Look here look there
Change your underwear…daily.  Cannot stress that enough.

Put on your shoes
Put on your coat
We can talk about Ninjago
Once we get out and go




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