Halloween fast approaching the family went shopping
To the department store for some costume aisle hopping!
The kids bounced around and saw Star Wars and Rangers
PJ Masks, Teen Turtles and Titans, a unicorn and a hot dog too
So many choices! They talked in raised voices!

The parents kept back and whispered and joked
The cart pushed ahead was full of (too) early candy
Recalling Halloweens past both parents did giggle
They thought of past costumes and some blurry nights

“2006 was something else,” said one to the other.
“Was that year the elf?” Questioned the mother.
More giggles and laughs and quieted tones
When one of the children asked questions their own.

“What’s a sexy platypus?” the child queried loudly.
Stunned silence hit their voices, no smiles on their faces
“I’ll think I’ll whisper better,” said one not so proudly.
“Daddy’s costume choices really put us through the paces.”

Overheard the parents were and lessons learned, yes more than two
New costumes purchased a taco and a hero in blue
Home they went, the kids let out a grand cheer!
There was one final question “Again with the platypus this year?


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