Chore Time Surprises

Like every day, this one started far too early.  Sebastian had chores to complete, work to prep for and kids to help ready for their own adventures.  Morning turned to afternoon, afternoon to early evening and the family had reassembled for dinner, chores and pre-sleep activities.

The main activity being cleaning.  Sebastian wanted his children to know they could accomplish anything they wanted to, so he instructed them to pick up the house-wide mess that had somehow developed between 5:00 and 7:00.  If they could clean up this, they could do anything.

“You have this!” Sebastian said, encouraging the youngsters.  He, in turn, sat on a couch and observed the work.

For a minute and a half.

“Ah! Sebastion shouted.  He had turned his back for ten seconds to help organize a bookshelf.

“I made art, Dad!” Shouted the oldest child.

From underneath layers of body covering toilet paper, the youngest child giggled.  “I’m a mummy!” The youngster said.

“You’re a statue,” the oldest countered.

“I’m a mummy statue,” the youngest said, laughing.

“You know what? You two go get ready for bed and I’ll drink lots of coffee and clean this one up on my own. Get to it,” Sebastian shooed the children away before any further damage could occur.




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