Back to School Night

Still new to the concept, Winston and Wilma were nervous about their role in back to school night.  Will and Winnie, their adorable twins, were entering the second grade.  Tonight was meant for kids to catch up after the longest summer of their lives and for parents and teachers to connect and express concerns.

Winston tried to mingle with other parents. Wilma talked to teachers.

“The twins are just the sweetest,” the twins’ first-grade teacher informed Wilma.

“My twins?” Wilma questioned.

“So polite and helpful,” the teacher continued.

“There has to be another twin set around here,” Wilma laughed, half-jokingly.

Across the room, Winston had a similar experience.

“Winnie is the funniest kid, man,” a father said.

Winston was confused. He knew his kids. Neither was that funny.

“When I chaperoned the zoo trip, Winston made the absolute funniest Quantum Leap references. She kept saying, ‘where am I, Sam’ when the guide took us to a new animal. Funniest thing I’ve ever heard from a first grader.” the father said, laughing.

When Winston and Wilma reconnected by the punch bowl, they both had concerns.

“Our children lie to us,” Wilma said.

“Winnie makes Quantum Leap jokes in public!” Winston cried.

“Oh honey,” Wilma said, knowing how hard Winston had been trying to make this happen when he was around, “the betrayal.”

“We should ground them,” Winston said, hurt.

“Agreed,” Wilma said.



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