Expectations at the End of the World

Mario Green thought the end of the world would be different than it turned out.

The expectation was fast zombies chasing down survivors. Food shortages, twinkie fights, learning how to collect dew for water; all the stuff that fills the background of end-of-the-world tv shows. There was supposed to be mistrust among the survivors, creating some sort of allegory to economic Darwinism or something (he was never too sure what Night of the Living Dead was getting at).

Instead, the end of the world was more about readjusting.  People understood one another; there was no mistrust and asking neighbors for sugar became fashionable once more.  The zombies that roamed the streets could not figure out stairs. The end of the world ended on the ground floor.  Survivors made bridges between buildings and just lived a little more airborne than before the plague.

Mario Green thought for sure there would be struggle and strife when the world fell, but it did not really fall. The world just moved up a floor.

It was fine, except for one thing; Mario Green was afraid of heights.

This was not the end he had prepared for.



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