The Day Job Journal

Hello Day Job Journal,

Today started with a small bird flying into my windshield. A bad omen to start a new job it turns out.  Worse way to start a day for the bird, I suppose.  Don’t worry though. It was fine.  It caught up to me and finished the windshield.  Things only got stranger after that so I thought I would write it all down. Keep an archive. Keep a case.

The new gig is pretty basic. Show up. Organize data. Make some charts.

I was shown my desk, filled out some paperwork and then stared at a glowing rectangle for hours.  That’s my computer monitor. I’m not good with flashy language. You’ll learn this.

I watched 10 point Calibra font fill a spreadsheet. It defaults to that font. This place started out weird.

As I was typing, I noticed a fingerprint on my glasses. It happens. I wiped it away with a glasses cleaning cloth that always stays in my pocket (the one with a They Might Be Giants logo on it).

I typed for another hour; made a bar graph or two.

The fingerprint came back.

It wasn’t my fingerprint.

I wiped it away and wondered exactly what happened, but not enough to care.

Another hour passed. Another fingerprint.

I shouted, “what the what?”

Mary from accounting (the department right next to my cube) came walking over to make sure I was okay.  I told her everything.

She laughed and said, “oh that’s Sammie from marketing. He’s really into Ant-Man these days.”  She then walked away and was done with it. She said this like it was a normal thing. Like this was an expected response. What did any of it mean?  All I could do was laugh and wipe away the fingerprint.

It had been replaced with a smiley face. My computer monitor read, in 10 point calibri font, ‘welcome to Centauri Group, newbie!’

No idea who typed that.

This is going to be a weird job.

-Trout Harley


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