The Unexamined Life

Cale Adamare heard Plato’s quote “the unexamined life is not worth living” very early in life.  It had no impact on him until very late in life.  With little to be particularly examined, Cale set out to write his autobiography.  In his twenties. He may have had something else to write about though…

The Chapter Titles of Cale Adamare’s Autobiography

The Pre-Memory Period – A time of nappies, nannies, and naps.
The Goth Phase  – A time of regrettable choices
The Period Where I Wore That “College” Shirt Like Belushi So, So Much – A time of half memories
The Grad School Period- A time where I thought I was busy
The Internship – A time of reading up on labor law.
The Career Start – A time of ignoring labor law.
The Marriage -A time that lasted from here on out and made it all a little easier (Featuring guest writer Mrs. Leah Adamare)
Heir Conditioning – A time with babies of my own
TheQuarter Life Crisis – A time of new hobbies because the lyrics to the songs I grew up with started to sound so, so benign.
The Career Shift – A time repeated time and time again.
The Podcast – A time recorded and never forgotten
The Rap Sheet – A time of house arrest and promising to avoid insider trading in the future
The Speaking Tour – A time of being paid to talk about insider trading because the finance industry was crazy.
The Friggin’ PTA Meetings – A time of fake smiles and cupcakes
The Catch Phrase and Signature Look – A time I wished the Goth Phase was my most regrettable.
The mid-life crisis – A time of tiny cars and back hair.
The time I swear I saw a UFO but can’t talk about it – A time of **************************************
The Kid’s Graduation – I saw it I tell you! A UFO! They can’t hide the truth anymore!
The Redaction – A time of apologizing for my words. Universal Frog Optician Sewing A Really Enormous Rabbit Eel Alligator Lollipop!
The Final Chapter – A time of read that last chapter title again. Read it. Tell the world, publisher! They mean us harm! ID4 all over again!


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