Movie Trailers

In the kitchen on a busy service night-

Line cook: Chef, you have to try!
Waiter: Chef, more air! Those eggs need you!
Chef: No! No! It is so much! I can’t whisk it!

This fall…Whisky Business

Parking lot, night time, small town:

Teen 1: You think we’re ever getting out of this place?
Teen 2: Maybe.
Teen 1: That’s not very convincing
Teen 2: We have to make so many choices.
Teen 1: Really we just have to pick a vehicle and go.

October 5, come see: Which Craft?

University offices, interior, poorly lit, probably smells like old books:

Professor: You have to get your act together!
Student: I am together, man, you’re in need of improvement!
Professor: Stop it with the pot and you’ll be a great student!
Student: Stop it with the goofy jackets and you’ll be a better prof!
Narrator: Two unlikely friends teach each other the other side.

This summer; Ditch Tweed

Child’s room, early morning:
Kid: These pants aren’t long enough!
This March, see Hell or High-waters.

Farmhouse porch, turn of the century, corn stalks in the background
Daughter: Daddy, I’ve been asked to a gala!
Daddy: I feared this day would come. Go get me some twigs.
Daughter, confused: Why, Pop?
Daddy: I have to make you something with this here knife and them there twigs.

This April, see Whittle Black Dress



I’m all punned out. Thanks for reading!


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